please help with these question! thank you so much Please turn in a pdf ?le on gradescope (button on your left) solutions tothe following problems. Each problem is worth 1 points and will be graded forcompletion. 1. True or false (and explain): In the USA in 2015, there were about 2.7million deaths recorded, compared to about 2.4 million deaths in 2000, anincrease of over 12%. The data show, therefore, that the public’s healthgot worse over the period 2000—2015. . Polio is an infectious disease, and it seemed to spread when children went swimming together, for example. The NFIP study was not done blind, doyou think that this would cause a bias in the results? How? Against thepolio vaccine or for the vaccine? . There are studies that show an association between liver cancer and smok- ing. However, alcohol consumption is a confounding variable. This means(choose one option, and explain): (a) Alcohol causes liver cancer (b) Drinking is associated with smoking, and alcohol causes liver cancer. . The National Highway and Traf?c Safety Administration analyzed thefts of new cars in 2002, as well as sales ?gures for that year. It found that99 Corvettes and 26 In?niti Q45 sedans were stolen in 2002. Should we conclude that thieves like American cars better, or do we need some moreinformation? . A new program to rehabilitate prisoners before their release: the object is to reduce the recidivism rate – the percentage who will be back in prisonwithin two years of release. The program involves several months of “bootcamp” — military style basic training with very strict discipline. Admissionto the program is voluntary, and a prison spokesperson said that “Thosewho complete boot camp are less likely to return to prison than otherinmates.” (a) What are the treatment and control groups in the spokesperson’scomparison? (b) Is the spokesperson’s statement based on a randomized controlledexperiment or an observational study? (c) Can we use the spokesperson’s statement to conclude that the pro-gram worked? Explain your answer.