Compose a 1250 words assignment on wellness plan. Needs to be plagiarism free! Gender identity provides a method for assuming ascribed roles and statuses in society without which it would be hard to decipher how others perceive you on the gender plane. I have looked to my parents as well as some of my teachers in my life as gender role models. Being a heterosexual helps me to identify with mainstream sexuality without having to figure out complications in such affairs. My community supports heterosexuality at large and this in turn helps me to gain greater acceptance from society.My race helps me to identify with my ethnic group which in turn provides me with much-needed support especially during low points in my life. I look to my ethnic roots to draw inspiration for the personal struggle and commitment in life displayed by my ethnic group. My grandfather provided me with an ethnic role model to live in life and I draw upon his experiences quite a lot. My race and ethnicity have helped me time and again to adopt a pluralistic vision and to avoid bias towards other groups.I avoid drugs and alcohol as well as tobacco because of their harmful effects on health. I attend to personal hygiene regularly by bathing, washing hands, trimming my nails, etc. However, at times I stretch myself to the limit under workloads which may spell problems for my health in the longer run. During work and play, I try to identify areas that might cause bodily harm and do my best to avoid them at all times. I avoid all kinds of situations where my behavior would become harmful or risky for example I drive at recommended speeds only and never bypass road signs.My friends have been a source of continued strength for me as they have helped me out when I needed it most. Friends have given me fiscal support as well as emotional strength to cope with challenges. I have had many special friends throughout life and I cherish each of them for their contributions to my persona. As a friend, I have always tried to be of assistance to my friends even if it means personal costs.I remember my childhood years distinctly when I was a very angry child. Over the years the love and support of my family helped me shed anger and replace it with passion and an accommodating attitude. My family values me as somebody you can rely on for support and emotional understanding in my various roles connected to me.&nbsp.