Compose a 250 words essay on Michael Jackson. Needs to be plagiarism free!Michael Jackson’s fame as a cult figure in pop music is not limited to the sphere of African American music but it extends to the sphere of modern pop music, popular culture and other fields. Besides, his habit of donating large amounts to charity organizations and orphanages prove his attitude towards the needy. For instance, his donation to Leaganul Pentru Copii Sfinta Ecaterina Orphanage is memorable. In addition, he was selected as the person who broke the record for “Most Charities Supported by a Pop Star”. His love towards orphans and charity donations were never ending and he used to support around 39 organizations which work for charity. The charity foundation initiated by Jackson namely ‘Heal the World Foundation’ donated millions of dollars to children who were facing war and poverty related problems. When compared with other celebrities in different fields, Jackson’s public and personal life was troublesome. Jackson’s relationship with his father was not normal. Lee Pinkerton, in the work- ‘The many faces of Michael Jackson’ opines that Michael Jackson’s father used to treat his children rudely and did not allow them to play with others. Jackson’s father used to torture him mentally and physically. But Jackson was of the opinion that his father’s strict disciplinary rules helped him be the success in his future life. Lisa D. Campbell, in the work – ‘Michael Jackson: the king of pop’ makes clear that music was an important factor that united the Jackson family.