I will pay for the following article The Life of a Communications Teacher. The work is to be 9 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. From this interview, I learned the importance of setting the interview, the role of putting in the interview, the value of the interview introduction stage in setting the tone of the interview, the significance of interview sequence and questions to an engaging and comprehensive consultation, and the role of rapport and nonverbal expressions in being a competent interviewer.Setting the Interview: Killing the Stomach Jitter Bugs Before I set the interview schedule, I was quite nervous because I did not know the teacher personally, and since Dr. Garard did not know me also. I selected him because his former students suggested to him. They stressed that he is an engaging, funny teacher and can give enormous insight into what it means to be a Communications professor. I already spoke with Dr. Garard in person, and it was not easy to schedule an interview with him. As Fox (2010) asserted, interviewers should be patient and accept that they are not precisely their interviewees’ priority. She said insightful words that will humble all interviewers: “The successful information interviewer cannot afford to be a fragile or easily offended soul” (Fox, 2010, p.85). I agree with her because if I focus on being offended for the re-scheduled interview, I will not gain Dr. Garard’s trust if I try to pressure him to talk. My deadline for the paper is not his deadline, in other words. I am just thankful that I finished the interview before the report is due. I talked to Dr. Garard personally to schedule the meeting, and I also met him face-to-face to confirm the appointment. Before I spoke to him, I prepared a brief script saying who I am, how I identified him, why I was calling, and when I would like to meet, but of course, it depends on his free time. The brief script was quite useful in structuring the introduction for my interview objectives and identity and in decreasing my nervousness. During this time, I observed and sensed in his voice that he was always in a hurry for classes or to finish consultation with his students. He had a line of 4 or more students outside. These students did not look anxious or afraid, only serious, or appeared to be preparing for their questions and concerns with Dr. Garard.