For #1, Identify:The key stakeholders,Their roles and responsibilities, andThe impact of fiduciary responsibility on each (this is in the reading).Not a lot is given on the scenario for this one so relate this to a normal IT department as far as the information above.If you don’t have experience in an IT department; do some research and be sure to leave references with your answer if you use outside sources.For #2, determine the relationships among these stakeholders, the relationship between fiduciary responsibility, and organizational risk for each.This is the relationship between the different stakeholders listed in #1.  How are they connected or related?  What is the fiduciary responsibility between them?For #3, distinguish the identified relationships as they relate to strategic, operational, and compliancy goals for the organization.For the relationships defined in #2, describe how they relate to strategic, operational, and compliancy goals for the organizationFor #4, how do you govern and oversee the various fiduciary responsibilities for the organization such as what is described in #2 (you don’t have to address each individual one but make a plan on how to govern them in general).For #5,Prepare a brief report or presentation of your findings for IT management to review.  This just means answering the questions 1 – 4.  Make sure you list the number for each one you are answering.  Also, the report should be using a word-processing software such as Microsoft Word, Libre, Open Office, etc. (not pdf.)  It should be double spaced 12 pt. Times New Roman font.If you use outside sources, please leave references per APA.