This question builds on the paper *Attached* by digging deeper into the literature to expand your understanding of the comprehensive community college.InstructionsComplete the following:Read and include 6 or more articles from the library that address the comprehensive community college and the related impacts of the topic of your attachment Write 5–7 new pages in which you: Investigate the literature to: Provide historical background of your topic as related to the community college. Delineate current issues related to your topic, where the community college is concerned. Explain innovations and trends within the community college that are related to your topic. Provide a review of your topic, as related to finances (funding model and resource allocation) or budget implications for the community college. Explain, with support from the literature, the clear alignment of your topic and the direct impacts on the comprehensive community college regarding mission, finance, students, teaching and learning, governance, and/or administration in the next 20 years. Compare and contrast any controversies in the literature surrounding the comprehensive community college and your topic. Provide a conclusion that synthesizes the information gathered from the references. Additional RequirementsWritten communication: Use proper writing mechanics, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Written communication must be free of errors that detract from the overall message. Length of paper: Include 9–12 typed, double-spaced content pages plus cover and reference pages. References: Use a minimum of 10 scholarly references from peer-reviewed journals, course texts, Internet, or other sources.