Write a 3 page essay on Conflict Management.This paper illustrates that leadership and teamwork have a symbiotic relationship that cannot be overemphasized. Exemplary leadership often promotes teamwork and reduces conflicts within organizations. Conflicts are common at all group levels, be it at workplaces or in learning institutions, because of communication breakdowns. The situation is even severe at present because everybody is aware of his or her rights. The conflict has both positive and negative effects on a team, depending on the way managers and team leaders propose resolution measures. Constructive-cooperative conflict management fosters innovation in work teams. According to Desivilya, Somech, and Lidgoster, intragroup conflict radiates from interpersonal pressures among team members because of real or superficial differences. The quality of internal relationships determines the effectiveness of work teams and the leadership approach taken to handle relationship conflicts (emotionally driven conflicts) and task conflicts. The researchers propose the Dual Concern Model, which highlights the concern for self and concern for the other party as concerns interpersonal conflict-management. In this case, a participative leadership approach encourages cooperation and collaboration, in which team members share a mutual concern for each other. Team effort determines the achievement of tactical objectives and strategic goals of the organization. Victor Sohmen’s study proposes the best practices that would balance leadership and teamwork and result in successful outcomes in the contemporary competitive environment. Organizational leadership is essential to exercise interpersonal influence across a team. This is only possible if such leaders embrace a Five-Dimensional Leadership Competency Model, which encompasses transformational, transactional, organic, contemporary, and ethical dimensions. A leader must learn when to use either of the dimensions and when to combine the dimensions as the situation demands. At times, an accommodative leadership approach, in which a leader surrenders the leadership position to settle a conflict is essential.