I am currently working a project for my java programming class. The question is as follows:Construct a Java class named InfStudent which inherits from (i.e. extends) the Student class presented below. Your new class should add the additional private data members of a String named advisor and a double named average. Code a constructor for your class which takes 3 strings and a double. The first two strings should be passed to the super class constructor to be assigned properly. The third String should be assigned into the advisor field and the final double value should be assigned into the average field. You should code a class and file named that will contain a main method. You should make an instance of the InfStudent object for testing purposes. I have done this so far but I can’t figure out how to test this program. I have created an instance of the InfStudent object but I don’t know where to go from here. { {InfStudent student = InfStudent(, , , );}} { String advisor; average; average ){(name,ssum);.advisor = advisor;.average = average;}} {String name;String ssnum; {.name = name;.ssnum = ssnum;}}